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Our unique and funky handmade bug boxes feature three different environments. The first is packed with pinecones, the second with layers of mixed bark and the third with mixed logs, such as willow, elm and beech. These areas will attract a wide variety of garden insects such as beetles, ladybirds, lacewings, centipedes, woodlice and more. We pack our boxes tightly, to ensure that insects can over-winter safely protected from the weather and to facilitate communal hibernation. Our bug hotels are best sited facing south or southeast, in a sunny position, free from foliage and protected from the weather.

Our products are handmade from FSC cedar, which has been sourced in the southwest, and from recycled and reclaimed materials. The timber we use is 20 mm thick, to provide reliable insulation and durability. The colour washes we use are child, pet and wildlife safe. We conduct on-going testing on our products, and have researched our habitats thoroughly to make them fit for purpose and built to last. Our intention was to make beautiful garden ornaments in addition to producing something durable and functional. We have conducted a great deal of research in order to produce an item that is fit for the needs of its intended inhabitants.

 H: 400 mm/ L: 300 mm/ W: 130 mm.

Handmade in the Quantocks with pinecones, bark, mixed logs, FSC cedar, water-based colour wash, wire mesh and wire and love.


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Bug Hotel

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