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Our Bug and Bee Hotels are built to accommodate a wide variety of garden insects, such as mason bees, leafcutter bees, ladybirds, lacewings, butterflies and many others that are vital for the maintenance of a healthy eco-system. We have created several distinct habitats, so insects will move in to the hotel area best suited for their requirements.

The solitary bee logs have an inch thick solid back to protect the bees from weather damage. The holes are carefully drilled to be at a slight downward angle, which allows any moisture to run off. Holes are drilled to a depth of 7 inches, to accommodate the natural habits of solitary bees. Counter-sunk holes allow bees to orient themselves when entering the hotel

The wire surround prevents birds and other predators from harvesting insects, or removing hotel property, such as pinecones or bark.

Providing a habitat for insects in your garden reduces pests, enhances pollination and provides an excellent environment for insects to hibernate over the winter months.

Bug and Bee Hotels can be placed on the ground, or hung in a sunny area, facing south or southeast, protected from wind and rain. Do not site your Bee Hotel higher than 5 feet to reduce the possibility of wasp ambush. Suitable for all gardens, patios and balconies.

Made from locally sourced FSC timber, reclaimed timber, pinecones, bark chippings, metal mesh and love.

Dimensions: Width 340 mm, Depth 150 mm, and Height 500 mm.


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Bug and Bee Hotels

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