Carpentry in the blood!

Albert Upton (1851 – 1886) was Kevin’s Great-Great-Grandfather and was a carpenter in Oxfordshire. He built a stagecoach for the Mayor of Banbury, but apparently didn’t think it through as well as he could have done; when the stagecoach was finished and the moment of unveiling came, he found it was too big to be wheeled out of his workshop.  In the end, they had to remove the front of the workshop to get the coach out!

Kevin inherited Albert’s tools through his Grandfather. His first attempts at woodwork at the age of seven taught him the valuable lesson that if you drill through wood while it is sat in your lap, you eventually reach your leg. Wisely electing not to repeat this lesson, Kevin has honed his craft in a variety of settings. 

Working as a boat-fitter, Kevin gained knowledge of traditional methods and creative solutions from the old boy network (it was tempting to say the old buoy network, and we almost resisted!). Boat carpenters gain unique skills due to working in a confined space, creating bespoke interiors and furniture. Later, working in a fast-paced events industry, he was called upon to create a variety of exhibition stands using modern materials. This wealth of experience has left Kevin uniquely placed to work with each individual piece of wood intuitively, crafting hand-made items of exceptional quality. We think the thing that makes our work special is the amount of care we lavish on the production process.

Our company mission is to craft all our woodwork with attention to detail producing items with a superior finish. This enables us to produce elegant, durable, high-quality items, designed to last for many years. We use traditional methods, and we some of Albert’s tools on a daily basis – we hope we make him proud!