Quantock Wood Wares

Albert Upton (1851 – 1886) was Kevin’s Great-Great-Grandfather and was a carpenter in Oxfordshire. He built a stagecoach for the Mayor of Banbury, but apparently didn’t think it through as well as he could have done; when the stagecoach was finished and the moment of unveiling came, he found it was too big to be wheeled out of his workshop.  In the end, they had to remove the front of the workshop to get the coach out!

Clifton Sausage

We are very proud to announce that The Clifton Sausage Restaurant in Clifton, Bristol is using our sharing boards. At Quantock Wood Wares, we have a passion for new and innovative designs.

The Tale of the Beech Tree

In November 2015, a large limb of our beech tree came down in a high wind. After clearing the debris from the lane, we called a tree surgeon, who told us she had reached the end of her natural lifespan and was now dangerously unbalanced. The decision had to be made to fell the tree. Beech trees can live to be 250 – 300 years, but since ours had been properly maintained, we think she was around 400 years old, possibly more!

Torre Cider Farm

We are very proud to announce that our products are now available at the fabulous Torre Cider Farm in Washford! Come and see our range, and make sure to check out the farm’s shop and tearoom while you are there – they are renowned for their generous cream teas!